Dave’s Italian Kitchen: one of the best restaurant that offer Italian dishes

Wednesday, December 25th 2013. | Kitchen

If you happen to visit Chicago or you passed by the place, why don’t you visit Dave’s Italian Kitchen to complete your vacation? They have the best the foods in town. They have been an old time favorite diner there for decades now. They have catered for families for years and their meals vary from simple to big plates. They serve southern Italian dishes and they have some basic meals to start with, they also have fine meals for kids and not so fine for adults. Their meals are all affordable that is why they have stayed in the business for more than thirty years now.

Dave's italian kitchen

Dave’s italian kitchen

The founder of Dave’s Italian Kitchen is inexistent for 41 years now and born in Davis Street. His purpose is to serve the people in his area with good yet affordable meals. The little money spent in building him went mostly on the kitchen equipment and expensive booths in the diner too. Those who have worked there showed values of that time and the place even if he prefers to go on and record as he says he never wore bell bottoms though.

dave's italian kitchen restaurants

dave’s italian kitchen restaurants

During the early seventies, there are numbers of circumstances like foreign war, food, gas and energy crisis & the prices of commodities keep going wild. There is also a political problem then so those who truly prefer to live lavishly cannot do that then so you can see the car manufacturer worries so much about their industry.

dave's italian kitchen food1

dave’s italian kitchen food1

They have suffered and went through massive recession because no income came in. everyone is just so worried about what was going on and big companies had damaged the environment since some signs of climate changed had shown too. Good thing this never happened again.

dave's italian kitchen menu

dave’s italian kitchen menu

Even though, Dave’s Italian kitchen only had 10 tables then, a lot of people visited him. He started to impose some traditions that too place in his birthplace. The kitchen would always be available enough as big as his dining room. He devoted a lot of spaces to the kitchen and he emphasizes the importance in putting food preparation first than selling it off right away. And from then on, he named himself Dave’s Italian Kitchen and not Dave’s Dining Room. Up to this day, he never understood the purpose of expensive restaurants with luxurious dining rooms yet small kitchens only.

Dave’s dining room

Dave’s dining room

He still believes that regardless of how well you have designed the walls of the restaurant, you cannot eat the structures. During the fall of 1975, he have decided to moved few steps down to Davis street still wherein he added 20 more tables. After twenty three years, the building collapsed and became a victim of urban removal and then he went to church where he spent his twenty two years of life.

dave italian kitchen menu

dave italian kitchen menu

One of the unforgettable things that happened to him is that he was housed in a room wherein some of the employees too are housed and he hosted a lot of parties there too. He survived all these trials and then in 1981, he started again serving beers and wines which he truly loves.

dave's italian kitchen front

dave’s italian kitchen front

Years later, he also started making his own kind of bread. This started his drive to make gluten free bread and meals along with meatless brown rice risotto. Amidst all the changes, he still devoted so much time in making homemade meals. The rule story behind the success of Dave’s Kitchen is the customers and the loyal workers he have.

dave's italian kitchen wine furniture

dave’s italian kitchen wine furniture

dave's italian kitchen in the night

dave’s italian kitchen in the night

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