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Tuesday, January 7th 2014. | Kitchen

Celiac disease is known as intolerance to gluten which is the protein that can be found on wheat, oats, rye and barley. One of the best ways to treat this disease is to eradicate gluten from your diet but it may be very challenging since a lot of foods today have wheat, rye and other ingredients that contain gluten. It’s good to know that there is a casual Italian restaurant that offers wide variety of foods that do not have gluten in the ingredients and this is the Maria’s Italian Kitchen. This means that those who suffer from celiac disease can dine here without worries. All the dishes here are sponsored by the celiac foundation. The restaurant usually serves adequate meal sizes for the whole family.

Maria's italian kitchen

Maria’s italian kitchen

Maria's italian kitchen in daily

Maria’s italian kitchen in daily

Maria’s Italian Kitchen is famous for serving gluten free foods in California. According to the national foundation for celiac awareness, one of the best ways to treat celiac disease is to eat 100% gluten free foods. If you suffer from celiac disease, you have to know that breaking this rule can lead to uncomfortable life and you will go through some painful situations as well like diarrhea, constipation and abdominal pains.

Maria's italian kitchen truck

Maria’s italian kitchen truck

Maria's italian kitchen nutrition

Maria’s italian kitchen nutrition

Maria’s Italian Kitchen is endorsed by the Celiac Disease Foundation and you will see the endorsement in their website. This upscale restaurant chain is located at the downtown area of LA particularly on Flower Street. They only serve here gluten free dishes including appetizers, salads and main meals. You will truly be satisfied with the dishes that this restaurant serves because they not just satisfy your cravings but they also make you healthy.

Maria's italian kitchen catering

Maria’s italian kitchen catering

Maria's italian kitchen menu

Maria’s italian kitchen menu

In Maria’s Italian Kitchen you don’t have to worry about what food to eat only because you can choose from the widest variety of meals without worrying about their gluten content. All the foods here do not have gluten so you can freely choose from the selections. Who says you cannot enjoy appetizers like broccoli Limone? They have this appetizer and it’s free from gluten so you can eat it freely in Maria’s Italian Kitchen. If you missed out eating pasta dishes like carbonara, don’t worry because you can still order it in Maria’s Italian Kitchen. They have one of the best tasting carbonara in LA. If you prefer to eat at home or you will celebrate an occasion but you want the meals to be gluten free, you can also order online. Maria’s Italian Kitchen accepts online queries and orders too.

They cater for parties, corporate events, private gatherings, weddings, funeral and private dining at home. Maria’s Italian Kitchen cares so much about your health more so with the health of celiac patients so they do not include gluten rich foods in their ingredients to give patients the benefit to eat freely and guilt free. They are also very much caring about the environment so they have been practicing recycling for 38 years now and they have been using biodegradable cleaning agents too. They are not just very much concern about the health of celiac patients but they also care about the environment as well.